Welcome to Bree’s Vegan Life. This blog is dedicated to helping people live a vegan life to optimize health and happiness! Here you will find super healthy plant-based recipes that are all gluten-free and oil-free. You will also find tips on living a healthy vegan life. Yes, it can be easy and delicious to live your best, healthiest life!

My Vegan Story

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Bree and I’ve been eating a plant-based diet since January 10, 2018. I took it a step further and started living a vegan lifestyle in September of 2018. Here’s how it all happened.

I first started thinking about going plant-based when my former roommate did it in 2017. We were living in Halifax, NS at the time, and being her roommate, I was there as she transitioned from eating meat on a regular basis, to eliminating animal products completely. She really got me thinking about why people go vegan and she told me about What the Health. I eventually watched this documentary, as well as Forks Over Knives, and quickly became convinced that eating a plant-based diet was the best thing I could do for my health.

I actually tried eliminating animal products from my diet a couple of times before I fully committed. Eliminating meat was quite easy for me, but I had a hard time giving up eggs and dairy at the beginning. Like many people who struggle with eating a plant-based diet, I was worried that I may never be satisfied by yummy foods again. Since then, I have learned so much and discovered so many amazing plant-based meals. I also discovered how to make delicious meals that are healthy and not just vegan. Many vegan foods can be extremely unhealthy, but I put a focus on whole foods in my recipes. This has not only made me feel great, but I’ve lost around 10 pounds as well.

After about 8 months of eating a plant-based diet, I started thinking about how often I buy products other than food that contribute to animal cruelty. I realized that my health should no longer be my only focus. I love makeup and I noticed how many popular brands test on animals and/or include animal products in their ingredients. The same goes for many well-known skincare brands. I am now very conscious of what health and beauty products I purchase, and it isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

Why I Started This Blog

My hope with this blog is that I can share some tips and products that I use to help other people transition to a more compassionate lifestyle. I also hope that with my recipes, people can see how easy it is to eat a healthy vegan diet. Do it for your health, your planet, and the animals!

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