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7 Best Plant-Based Nutrition Books

7 Best Plant-Based Nutrition Books

Here is a list of 7 highly rated plant-based nutrition books. If you seriously want to learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet, you should have at least one of them!

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Why Plant-Based?

Plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular these days. Much of this popularity is due to research that has shown the various health benefits related to plant-based nutrition, including the potential to prevent and reverse certain illnesses.

The plant-based nutrition books in this list provide information and guidelines on how to live a healthy plant-based life.

These books are NOT cookbooks, however many of them do contain recipes as well.

1. How Not to Die

This is definitely one of the most popular books in the plant-based community. Michael Greger is a medical doctor with extensive knowledge on health and nutrition. How Not to Die will open your eyes to the ways in which foods affect our physical health, and you will learn how to nourish your body in a way that has the potential to reverse certain illnesses.

This is not a recipe book, but Dr. Greger includes his “Daily Dozen” which are 12 foods that he recommends we eat every day.

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2. The Forks Over Knives Plan

The Forks Over Knives Plan - one of 7 plant-based nutrition books on this page.

I recommend everything from Forks Over Knives. The documentary is a real eye opener and this book will give you some more insight into the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet. This book includes information on how to transition to a healthy plant-based diet and it also includes a 4-week meal guide created by doctors.

You will learn what foods to buy, how to deal with cravings, and it comes with a bunch of recipes as well. This plant-based nutrition book is perfect for beginners who are having a hard time getting started with the whole-foods plant-based lifestyle!

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3. The Plant-Based Solution

Written by cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, this book will teach you about the health benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet. Dr. Kahn has had success helping patients reverse heart disease and he provides evidence – through research and case studies – on how this type of diet can prevent and reverse various other illnesses as well.

On top of all the scientific information and real-life stories from people who have implemented a whole-foods plant-based diet, this book also includes recipes for a 21-day meal plan!

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4. Becoming Vegan

In this book, registered dieticians Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina go through the various health benefits of a plant-based diet. The book begins with information on animal agriculture and the negative environmental impact of eating a non-vegan diet, before discussing the health implications.

The authors include nutritional guidelines for various age groups, which sets it apart from many other plant-based nutrition books. They also go into specific nutrients, explaining how much you need and the best sources for each.

This is a great book for those who want to learn how to be a healthy vegan!

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5. Plant-Based Nutrition

Registered dietitian Julieanna Hever, and scientist Raymond J. Cronise teamed up to write this book about the scientifically proven benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet. This book includes a new perspective on macronutrients, how to categorize various foods, and provides information on weight loss.

Also included are recipes and tips to help you get started and maintain a whole-foods plant-based diet.

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6. The China Study

The China Study - one of 7 plant-based nutrition books on this page.

Dr. Colin Campbell took part in the most comprehensive study ever of how diet relates to disease. The findings of this study revealed the risk of consuming animal protein, and the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet. This book summarizes the findings, and the expanded edition includes even more evidence of how a plant-based diet can improve your health.

This book does not contain recipes or meal plans.

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7. Whole

This book is written by Dr. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study. Whole goes further into more current nutritional science relating to a whole-foods plant-based diet.

Dr. Campbell also addresses our society’s lack of adoption and even consideration of implementing a plant-based diet, despite all of the evidence of its benefits. This book will open your eyes to the profit-driven food and health industries.

This book does not include any recipes or meal plans. It is a great book for those who want some information on why it is beneficial to eat whole foods and for those who want to understand why the food industry does not advocate for a plant-based diet.

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